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How To Make White, Whole and Onion Bread at Home?

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How to make bread at home in a relatively simple way?

However, the current moments of crisis that we are experiencing due to the coronavirus have given a meridian turn to this situation: Every country has put on the apron again.

For these dates of confinement the recipes of breads have been some of the most requested . Going back to the roots and making at home one of the most basic foods of humanity, whose origin is lost in time, seems to be one of the preferred options.

Artisan tradition

Natural, sourdough, made without additives, handmade and with a wide variety of types, sizes or shapes of products.

Breads with soul

There are different flours and cereals, from organic breads to loaves, full grain, black rye or multigrain among others.

White, candeal, EVOO cake, whole grain, corn loaf, spelled or honey and muesli are some of the options in store and also at home. You can make a complete order and stock up since the bread is perfect to freeze and consume little by little. However, these quality pieces last much longer than industrial ones.

Master formulas for making bread at home

On this occasion and in times of seclusion, three recipes are able to be made at home without too many complications. Of course, the sourdough has been replaced by dry yeast, traditional powder, to simplify the preparation.

1. White bread

Ingredients : 1 kg of strength flour; 800 ml. Water; 20 grams of salt; 5 grams of dry yeast per kilo of flour.

Preparation: knead, and try that the dough does not come out too hot if we make it with a machine (never more than 26 degrees). Let it ferment for 40 minutes, fold the dough and let it rest again until it doubles in volume.

Once it has doubled the volume, cut and divide to the size we want to give it, roll (give it a spherical shape) and let it rest for another 20-30 minutes.

Put in the oven, which will depend on the oven of each one, the normal thing in a homemade one is to put it at 180º for about 40 minutes. The ideal shape for this bread is loaf type and finished in a peak .

2. Whole wheat bread

Ingredients : 1 Kg. Of whole grain flour; 20 gr. of salt; 50 ml per kg. of extra virgin olive oil flour (so that when passing through the throat and intestine it does not ‘scratch’ us); 650-700 ml. It depends on the flour, but the flour itself ‘tells’ you whether or not it takes more water; 5 grams of dry yeast.

Preparation : this bread has to undergo a ‘fermentolysis’ which consists of mixing all the elements together with half the water so that the fiber softens and the gluten is better created , and thus the kneading is done faster afterwards. Let it rest and once it has rested, when kneading again, add the rest of the water and the oil because at this time the gluten has formed it takes it better. Let it rest again until it doubles in volume and cut, shape and bake (with the same times and temperatures as before). The ideal shape of this bread is small balls so that buns come out.

3. Onion bread

Ingredients : 900 grs. of force flour; 100 grs. of rye flour milled stone; 20 grams of salt; Extra virgin olive oil; 650-700 ml of water; 5 gr of dry yeast per kg of flour; freeze-dried onion.

Preparation : mix all the ingredients. Let stand for 40 minutes , folding after 20 minutes. Cut, roll and give it the shape we want. This bread is very good with a round shape and we make a cross-shaped cut. For the freeze-dried onion : if we do not have it, you can make the onion cut into thin wedges and baked until it dehydrates and loses all the water, since fresh or with excess water would spoil the dough.

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