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How to Make Homemade Bread Step-by-Step

Baker with bread just out of the oven

Baking bread at home is wonderful and more if you really have time to do it with care. That is why today I am going to teach you how to make a very easy loaf of bread so that at home you can spend an afternoon cooking as a family. The result is more than satisfactory, I guarantee it.

I tell you that you do not need the kneader at all nor do you need the thermomix to make a perfect bread, it is simply to make it easier for you to knead since it seems very heavy to me and that is why making homemade bread had never crossed my mind before.

If this easy bread falls short, you can make homemade milk bread at home, some crispy breadsticks or, for example, if we want to innovate a little more, make the typical homemade kebab bread, delicious!

First of all and as I always tell you… it’s very easy! All I ask is that when making bread at home you should follow these tips:

  • Whenever you make bread at home, weigh the ingredients perfectly, try not to put them by eye or by cups or spoons, always use exact measurements such as grams or milliliters.
  • Try to respect the rising times of the dough and always in a warm place. To prepare the bread, apart from the ingredients we need patience.
  • The water that we incorporate must be between 20º and 24º degrees, we can check it by putting a finger and we do not have to feel cold or heat. Rather warm water.
  • We have to add the yeast a few minutes before we finish kneading.
  • You can use many types of flour. In this recipe to make bread use strong flour. In some recipes I have seen that whole wheat flour or normal wheat flour is used, but in this one I have used force flour. Following these tips we will make a crusty bread on the outside and fluffy on the inside without the need to make sourdough (this is a subject that I have pending).
  • Sourdough is important for bread but I think if you are looking at this recipe I don’t think you have sourdough at home since it takes several days to make. If you have that sourdough then you can make easy recipes for sliced bread, loaf bread or any recipe for homemade bread that comes to mind.

Ingredients for Making Homemade Bread

  • 500 grams of bread flour
  • 10 grams of salt
  • 300 ml of warm water
  • 5 grams of fresh or baker’s yeast (sold in bakeries or in any supermarket in the refrigerated area, usually together with butter)

Making Homemade Bread Step-by-Step

First of all we must weigh the ingredients well and place them on the table to be able to add them more easily.

In a bowl we mix all the ingredients. We start with the flour and salt. Little by little we are adding the water so that it is integrated. The fresh yeast will be incorporated a few minutes before finishing the kneading.

The dough will be ready when it peels off the walls. If you do it by hand at the table remember that you must reserve a little flour to add little by little, so it will not stick on the table.

We form a ball and let it rest in a warm place for 30 minutes with a damp cloth on top.

Once rested, cut the dough with the help of a knife into portions of 120 grams. Let the portions rest for another 15 minutes on the table with a damp cloth on top.

The bread sticks are perfect for making sandwiches since they are about 20-25 cm and to make the shape we must follow these steps: We will start by squashing each ball on the table and making a rectangle as you can see in the photo.

We fold the two ends towards the center.

And then in half.

Squash well and make the shape of the bar

We put a cotton cloth or a linen cloth, I have read that with a cotton cloth they lift perfectly and they have lifted me wonderfully with a normal cloth.

We put a little flour underneath and place the bars. Make some folds so that when climbing they do not stick to each other. We let them rest with a damp cloth for over 90 minutes.

The oven must have a little steam as it helps to cook the bread, so we will introduce before putting the loaves of bread a saucepan with one wet cloth and a little water in the bottom, that will help it to form water vapor in the oven. When you open the oven to put the bars, do it as quickly as possible so that the water vapor does not escape.

After 90 minutes we place our bars on the baking tray, with a sharp knife we make some cuts on the surface along the bar and sprinkle a little flour to decorate.

I read that they use a very sharp blade and I say good with a knife it will be the same well now I agree with them because cutting with a knife should be much cleaner, although the cut has been good for my first bread.

Now that the bread is ready to go to the oven (it must have almost doubled in volume), we introduce the loaves of bread at a temperature of 200º for 15 minutes with heat up and down.

To give you an idea I used the oven fan and they were perfect in about 17 minutes, so I think the time is indicative since I have left them a little longer and I think it will depend on each oven.

We take them out of the oven and let them cool on a rack.

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