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9 Recipes To Make Bread at Home During Quarantaine

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Now that you know the ingredients and the tricks to make a good homemade bread, we propose 9 recipes for all tastes. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy the smell of fresh bread! Making bread at home helps you relax and entertain yourself. In return, you will enjoy freshly baked homemade bread and avoid going out on the street

1. Basic bread

I think you already know basic bread. It is the simplest bread and only contains flour, water, olive oil, yeast and salt as ingredients. This bread is perfect to start in this world.
You can make it in the shape of the traditional loaf of bread or round like a loaf. If you want to give it a special touch, you can add a mixture of seeds (sesame, flax, chia …) to the dough.

2. Garlic bread

Have you ever made Garlic bread? Here is an explanation of what Garlic bread is? Learn to prepare one of the most successful breads. This garlic bread with a touch of parsley is ideal as an aperitif served with a drizzle of virgin olive oil.

You can also divide the dough into small portions and shape them into an oval or round shape. This will give you individual garlic muffins.

3. Whole wheat spelled bread

Do you know spelled bread? Do you like it? Here is an explanation of what spelled bread is. If you are taking care of yourself or you like to try different breads, we propose a homemade bread made with whole spelled flour, a derivative of the most digestive wheat flour.

As a suggestion, you can cut the bread into slices and freeze them. This way you can take out one or two slices when you go to eat them and put them in the toaster. A great idea to have homemade bread for breakfast accompanied by olive oil, tomato, avocado … And if you prefer sweets, you can spread it with homemade jam.

4. Homemade hamburger bun

Do you like to eat hamburgers? Do you often eat hamburgers? How much money did you spend on hamburgers? Here is an explanation of what a hamburger bun is. If you plan to have a hamburger for dinner, we suggest serving it with homemade bread. With this recipe you can prepare the classic hamburger bun with a crispy crust, fluffy crumbs and decorated with sesame seeds.

Fill it with the ingredients that you like the most and enjoy a totally homemade dish. Don’t forget that you can freeze your leftover breads for another occasion.

5. Cornbread

Do you love Cornbread? Do you know what Cornbread is? Here is an explanation of what Cornbread is. If you are looking for a quick bread to prepare, this is your recipe. Cornbread is a very popular cornbread in the southern United States. It is made with polenta and its preparation is very fast, since it does not have to ferment.

For this reason, the recipe is prepared with chemical yeast (just like sponge cakes), and not with baker’s yeast. This bread is ideal as a side dish or for breakfast accompanied by a little butter or honey.

6. Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a traditional food in the gastronomies of northern Europe. This spicy and sweet-tasting bread also does not need fermentation, so it is quick to prepare and is made with chemical yeast, just like the previous bread.

Surprise with this fluffy bread, similar in texture to sponge cake, and with the unmistakable touch of ginger.

7. Bread and oil cakes

If you have been encouraged by the doughs but want to try a different bread, we suggest the traditional bread cakes with extra virgin olive oil and decorated with salt flakes.

These cakes are perfect to serve as an appetizer to spread or to accompany main meals.

8. English muffin (no oven)

The English muffin is an individual muffin with a very fluffy texture and is usually served for breakfast with sweet or savory ingredients, such as the popular Eggs Benedict.

If you don’t have an oven , these breads are perfect for you, as they are cooked in a skillet over low heat, without the need to bake.

9. Olive and tomato focaccia

Focaccia is a flat bread of Italian origin that is served with ingredients on top, as if it were a pizza. On this occasion, we have been inspired by the flavors of Tuscany and have added black olives, cherry tomatoes, rosemary and olive oil.

A perfect aperitif to enjoy the Mediterranean flavor at home.

In addition to bread, you can prepare other homemade doughs that you will enjoy as a family:

  • Pizza mass
  • Whole wheat pizza dough
  • Dough of dumplings
  • Patty dough
  • Shortcrust pastry or
  • shortbread

Have you prepared any of these recipes or do you have more suggestions?

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