8 Gifts Every Bread Baker Wants

baker holds a tray with fresh hot bread

Gifting a loved one with something they’ve been wanting is simply a different experience altogether. There’s pure joy for whoever receives it and genuine satisfaction for the giver.

As a baker myself, there are certain items in my kitchen that I wish someone had given me (instead of buying them all myself). And there are others items I’m eyeing (that would make awesome gifts for birthdays!). So, I’ve put together this list of ideal gifts that every bread baker would want sooner or later. If you have a baking friend or family member, any of these items will be sure to make them go, ‘How did you know!’

1. A traditional Bread baking oven

Yes, they’re a thing, and no, I don’t mean fancy electric ovens that are in every baker’s kitchen. I mean the heavy-duty sealed vessels that are as sturdy as an oven can get.

No other item in your kitchen will create better artisan-style bread than cast-iron ovens or stoneware (or similar designs/materials). I own a Challenger Bread Pan that’s great for baguettes and boules. And my Emile Henry Bread Cloche is a personal favorite too. If I somehow got a Superstone Sassafras La Coche, my bread baking oven trio would be complete!

2. Bread Knife

If you can get a quality knife that slices and dices with ease, you’ll most like make the day for a baker or cook. My personal favorite is the Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife. The stain-resistant blade and comfort-grip handles make it a pleasure to use.

But this one’s not the only option. I gave a 10-inch Saken Bread Knife to my nephew, who recently took up a culinary degree course.  And he says it’s not just for soft loaves and crusty bread. Apparently, it’s equally great for sandwiches and baguette rounds. Plus, I didn’t know it was premium German steel till he told me. If you’ve been wondering what the beste Geschenke für 17 Jahre Alten Jungen are, look this one up!

3. Bread Baking Book

Any readable resource that adds to your culinary skill and knowledge is a great gift for bakers.

If your recipient doesn’t already have it, you can get ‘The Baking Bible’ by Rose Beranbaum, the ‘Diva of Desserts.’ Ken Forkish’s ‘Flour Water Salt Yeast’ is a well-known guide many bakers envy. Chad Robertson’s ‘Tartine Bread’ traces his journey to baking fame and is incredibly insightful.

4. A Premium Apron

Baking can be a messy affair, especially if you’re a beginner. But novice or pro, the right apron can change the way you approach your baking. Custom Aprons by Etsy can let you personalize your gift with the wearer’s name or a clever quip. My own Hedley and Bennet apron has been a favorite for years now.

5. Jams, Jellies, and Flavors

Baking is all about getting the right flavors, and having unique add-ons can often set your work apart from store-bought confectioneries. You can get jam gift sets from Etsy that come with delightful little flavors. Try to mix common varieties like strawberry or vanilla with rarer flavors like boysenberry and elderflower.

6. Dipping Oils

Bakers love to try out new dips and accompaniments when they have a freshly baked loaf of bread. Consider giving them a nice set of balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oils. They’ll be surprised at how you picked such a great accompaniment (thank me later!). The Viva Oliva Gift Set is a good option here, or you can also go for the Calivirgin Gift Set as an alternative.

7. Personalized Notebook

Most bakers are in the habit of taking quick notes on a book. There are dozens of apps available today, but nothing beats the charm and utility of a real notebook that’s specially made for the user. You can get custom books on Amazon or any other online vendor with the recipient’s name or book format that will suit his/her style of writing notes.

8. Bread Serving Baskets

There’s nothing like grabbing fresh, warm bread out of a basket and enjoying the crusty loaf. It gives a sort of a Mediterranean feel to everyday food. But no many bakers splurge on baskets. So, get them an Artizanka Bread Basket if they prefer wicker designs. Alternatively, Doyolla Bread Proofing Baskets come in sets of two at just a few dollars more.